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The USDA Forest Service, Pomeroy Ranger District used ISCO water samplers to monitor four sites on Asotin Creek. Information collected will be useful in monitoring restoration projects and understanding the sediment regime of Asotin Creek. The information obtained from the water samples will assist in land management within the Asotin County watershed for protection, restoration, and enhancement of fish and wildlife habitat and other natural resources on public and private land.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife conducted spawning surveys for steelhead from mid-February through May in Asotin County streams to determine distribution and relative abundance of steelhead redds. Electro-fishing and snorkel surveys were completed to determine distribution and abundance of salmonids in Asotin Creek streams. WDFW also monitors spring and summer water temperatures and stream discharge measurements. Reports completed are available upon request.

Electro Fishing Survey on George Creek Collecting data o nSteelhead fry caught during Electro Fshing Survey

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